Our mission is to engineer healthy and resilient forests with a boots-on-the-ground, action-focused approach.


We envision sustainable forest conditions that are resilient to fire, insects, and diseases while providing diverse wildlife habitats, sustainable watershed conditions, and recreational opportunities.

Our scope of work includes planning (Heritage, GIS, NEPA), project prep (timber layout, cruising, and marking), implementation, and supplying wood fiber to local markets.


Our bottoms-up strategy emphasizes operational capabilities and efficiencies allowing for timelier project completion with low overhead costs.

The inspiration behind Stewardship West

We are all stewards of the resources, abilities, and opportunities entrusted to our care.

According to Webster’s Dictionary: When stewardship first appeared in English during the Middle Ages, it functioned as a job description, denoting the office of a steward, or manager of a large household. In recent years, the “management” sense of stewardship has evolved into meaning “careful and responsible management”. This sense is commonly found nowadays in contexts such as “stewardship of the environment”.

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