Completion of Jerome Miller/Miller Gulch Project

Completion of Jerome Miller/Miller Gulch Project   On April 3, 2024, the final review and inspection of the Miller Gulch 2 Project was conducted and approved by Stewardship West and the Pike National Forest. It also is the final review and approval of the combined Jerome Miller/Miller Gulch Projects total 1502 acres of mechanical treatment […]

Forestry Tech

Forestry Technician We are actively searching for Forestry Technicians to join our team for the following open positions:   1. Colorado Forestry Technician 2. California Forestry Technician   As a Forestry Technician, you will be responsible for conducting forest health assessments, monitoring tree growth and health, and assisting with forest management activities.   The ideal […]

Big News is here… Jerome Miller/Miller Gulch gets National attention

Please click the link below to view the Jerome Miller/Miller Gulch National write-up on our “Shared Stewardship strategy” and implementation article. Thanks to all the partners (USFS, VM West, Aurora Water, Denver Water, and much more…) we have made great strides on implementing this project. Stewardship west is excited to duplicate this implementation plan throughout […]

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law- Jerome Miller

Stewardship West has, and continues to be, a partner in working the infrastructure bill in Colorado.  Stewardship West, Jerome Miller and Miller Gulch projects, are front and center on the updated USFS site.  More exciting announcements to come… Bipartisan Infrastructure Law | US Forest Service (  

Happy Veterans Day

Stewardship West would like to thank all of our Veterans today!  A special thanks to Dad (Howard Zeman), Ethan, Matt, and Mike Baker (3 generations of military), Dan Huttner, Mason Knuthson, Nathan VanSheik, and Becca (Military Spouse Coast Guard).  We wake up everyday with total freedom because of folks like this!  

Snow in on the Sierra Mountains

Snow has finally graced us in the Sierra Mountains.  Treatment units near South Lake Tahoe continue to get decked and removed from recreation sites near the lake.  Resilient Corridor progress continues rain, snow or shine!

Conservation Needs Your Help!

Stewardship West is seeking donations to assist in the Jerome Miller Project in Bailey Colorado.  Our harvest inspectors have been a game changer to assist the project completion.  Stewardship West has almost depleted the dollars associated with these positions for Jerome Miller, and are in need of donations..  For donations of over $500, Stewardship West […]

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