Nevada Energy Resilience Corridor

Round Hill Village, Nevada

The goal of the NVE RCP is to remove trees that are in danger of falling over onto power lines – which would have the potential to spark forest fires and place the community and wildlife in danger. 


On Tuesday, April 18th, Stewardship West foresters and staff hosted a meeting with new foresters working on the Nevada Energy Resilience Corridor Project (NVE RCP). The new foresters are part of a interagency team being developed by NVE RCP and program management to assist with Qualified Forester responsibilities under the NVE RCP/Lake Tahoe Base Management Unit (LTBMU) Stewardship Agreement!


After an initial meet and greet and providing background information on the RCP project as a whole, the team went out to a close-by unit to address some concerns with recent bug kill. They assessed the recent bug kill and developed a tentative plan for the removal of the dead trees prior to the busy recreational season. 


The unit is located along a very popular lakeside trail and will require collaboration and coordination with Nevada Parks, Nevada State Lands, and USFS LTBMU.

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